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    Latest : News: 7/6/19 Combat Shuai-Chiao in Southern California

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    Master Lin & Mark Cheng
    Combat Shuai-Chiao is based on 5,000 years of Chinese fighting knowledge and experience. Developed at the dawn of Chinese civilization and refined through centuries of conflict and conquest, this system offers its practitioners what may be the most well-rounded of the traditional Chinese empty-hand fighting arts.

    "Shuai-Chiao" itself refers to Chinese style wrestling. This art focuses strongly on throwing techniques, designed to incapacitate an opponent with the shock of impact. It also has strong joint locks and controls, known as Chin-Na Shou. Striking techniques (punching & kicking) are taught for real-world self-defense and are far easier to learn and employ than the devastating throws which distinguish Shuai-Chiao.

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