Asian Arts Masters Have Influenced the Way Millions of Americans Train


by Hyung Min Jung





·        David C.K. Lin


Leg Lift Series

         Shuai chiao is China’s oldest fighting art, and David Lin is one of its most experienced masters.  When the legendary shuai chiao wrestler Chang Dung-sheng fled to Taiwan with the Nationalist government, Lin became one of his prized pupils and, at age 16, the youngest instructor at the Central Police Administrators College.  Lin’s reputation was such that American anti-terrorism tacticians asked him to train their special-operations teams in hand-to-hand combat.


         Since relocating to the United States in 1981, Lin has headed the American Combat Shuai-Chiao Association.  Now residing in Atlanta, he works to preserve the practical combat side of his art.  Lin’s “lay low and work hard” ethic has helped him preserve the legacy of one of China’s most effective fighting arts.


About the author: Hyung Min Jung is a martial arts researcher and writer based in Los Angeles.  To contact him send e-mail to hyungmjung@aol.com.


This passage was taken from the 1998 Black Belt Yearbook, listing him as one of the most influential Asian martial arts masters to immigrate to the United States of America and spread their art.