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Shuai-Chiao is the art of take-downs or throws in China. It became very popular in certain parts of China where many Shuai-Chiao competitions were held as sports events. In Combat Shuai-Chiao, we look to pass on and maintain the original and natural combat aspects of the art as well as the skill sets that may be shown in sports competition. Take-down techniques will be taught and practiced with uniform and without uniform. Locks and strikes including kicks, punches, elbows, and knees may be integrated as part of the curriculum. In a typical group class session, participants can expect drills (equipment/shadow practice/forms), training of athleticism, introduction/refinement of techniques (take-downs/locks/body control/grip control/..etc), striking drills, integration of strikes and take-downs, learning how to protect self under different circumstances, training with partners, sparring of different levels ..etc.

We are holding weekly group classes. We hope you can be a part of the art and join us, SoCal CSC. We are enrolling a limited number of participants at the promotional rates below. Do NOT miss out on locking in your monthly dues before rate increase.

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